Perfect Meals in Very Stunning Low Prices

The first thing you should do before you indulge in any pastry delight is to decide on a drink from the selection of ales.

Pie and Ale have a decent selection of ales including some which are brewed by the restaurant. So, you can be sure to find something that satisfies your taste. Natural Progression is especially enjoyable.

The Natural Progression is a light and fruity amber beer, which could be a great accompaniment for any of the pies offered by the restaurant. The selection of mince and onion, which comprises mushroom, bacon, and chicken and four cheese served with peas and mash is a must-try. When you combine the mince and onion with the natural progression, you get a match made in heaven.

The understated Yippee house ale £2.50, nicely complements the horse pie. The 7% Red Rum ale £4.30 by Mad Hatter is also a great accompaniment for the horse pie.

Although the selection of side dishes is a tad restrictive, they are quite good. The mash is as creamy and soft as anything you have ever tasted. The bright, fresh green peas are made to preserve the pea texture and are flavored for mushing.

An indispensable component of any great pub is great music. Without great music, no pub should consider itself great. Pie & Ale is almost always washed down with the magnificent sounds of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane, making the venue sufficiently upbeat to pop into just for a pint of ale.

Now in Manchester, and with Pie & Ale’s standard of simple yet fantastically prepared meals, you might expect the prices on the menu to be a bit on the higher side. However, it’s quite the reverse. With only 20 quid, you will be able to indulge in a meal and a few pints of ale to boot (no 700-level credit scores needed here!).

Pie & Ale also hosts a remarkable happy hour priced menu featuring ales from £2 a pint. The restaurant also offers a 2-pint pitcher of any selection of ale for just £5.75, which is available throughout. Pie & Ale’s happy hour runs from Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm, and throughout during Sundays.

Brace yourself for an exciting adventure once you visit Pie & Ale. The restaurant offers some of the best pies around, and the pub offers the best of all the new breweries along with a solid selection of some of Manchester’s most brilliant offerings. The dessert selection may be a bit limited, but the offerings available are a study in excellence. So go on and embrace your northern stereotypes. After all, who cares as long as you get to eat and drink in such an exquisite manner?…

Pie & Ale Speacialty

The restaurant is spread over 2 large rooms and a spacious outdoor area. The first room is a bit cozy with tall bar tables and private booths. The second room, also known as the beer hall, incorporates long benches suited for big crowds.

Pie & Ale is similar in some aspects to Bakerie. For instance, the sleek wooden bar tops and benches are similarly laid out, and there’s a handy blackboard on the wall showing the pies and offers available for the day.

When Pie & Ale proclaims that “It’s all about the pies”, this is not a joke by any means. All its pies are excellently prepared, generous, adventurous even. The pie menu is perfect. It’s neither too small nor too big. A pie each of the main menu and exciting veggie selections (three-bean chili or caramelized onions and three cheese).

The specials board certainly deserves a hats-off. A horse, kangaroo, and crocodile? Very creative. In the flesh, the restaurant’s pies are similar in goodness. The pastry, which the helpful and friendly staff roll out in the open, is nothing short of perfect. It comprises the correct combination of butter, crumb, and crisp all the way around.

If nothing else, the horse pie will get you asking why you shouldn’t include horse meat in your meals. Establishments that serve horse and crocodile meat not as a PR stunt, but as a matter-of-course should be applauded. More so, if it is as good as Pie & Ale’s. The chunkier more satisfying horse meat provides a worthy adversary against lamb meat.

Now, describing a pie can be quite a challenge.

Meaty bar snacks might keep the wolf off the door, but there are a couple of remarkable fillings amid the excellent eight pie choices. Take the boar, pheasant, and venison, for instance, which consists of potato, leek, and cheese, or the mushroom-incorporated steak. These selections go perfectly with the house beer.

The mince and onion pie is just what the name suggests. It comprises tender and properly seasoned meat, with a perfect balance between chewy and crispy, making it a winner.
The chicken pie oozes a creamy sauce and is packed to the brim with extremely generous chunks of meat.

The mouflon, cherry, and port pie which goes for £9.95 are quite remarkable while the horse (you read right) prepared in a house-brewed ale £10.50 offers a great promise of adventure. The presentation of the pies is excellent with an animal made using the same pastry being displayed on top. Other exotic selections include the confit duck served with soy salmon or plum in a filo pastry shell, the kangaroo, oven-baked cajun wedges, buffalo wings as well as crispy potato skins.

Pie & Ale also offers a vegan selection for dairy and meat-avoiding customers. The tofu in filo pastry is one of the most popular selections for vegans. It is uniquely marinated in sesame and soy and prepared alongside spinach, pumpkin seeds, toasted sunflower, olives, beetroot, sunbaked tomato, and rocket. Although this selection does not have the best pie-like appearance, don’t let the looks deceive you it’s quite delicious.…

Pie & Ale – Northerner’s Perfect Combination

There are two things that any person who considers themselves a northerner loves–Pie and Ale. Pies are the holy grail of sweet and savory, and the true pinnacle of culinary excellence. It’s a meal that’s self-sufficient in its humble, edible, delicious housing. And there could be no more worthy accompaniment for this culinary delight which has satisfied the appetites of folks craving a filling, compact and delicious dish for many generations, but ale. Yes, ale. A single syllable, or two depending on where you hail from. Best enjoyed by the gallon and no mucking about. If you ever fancy a pointless-but-exciting south-vs-north bickering debate, ‘Who owns that pie?” is as good a topic as any. Sitting amid eels and oodles of meat liquor, a pie is undoubtedly a quintessentially cockney meal. Yet, few can dispute that Wigan, which hosts the World Pie Eating Contest, is the world’s pie capital. Such bickering would be pointless since the practice of encasing protein in pastry is as old as civilization. Not unlike Ale.

So, what’s the ideal place for a northeastern lad in the northwest to explore? Somewhere that could bring us all together without border-divides? A place where we can simply think of ourselves as northerners?

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to present Pie & Ale.

Stemming from Bakerie and situated a couple of seconds behind it in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the Pie & Ale restaurant is an awesome gastro-pub which can be a worthy adversary for any of the trendy restaurants in the wider Manchester region. When Bakerie decided to open Pie & Ale next to it with a communal kitchen, they effectively had a black canvas. The restaurant was created with the earthier appeal of a pint and a pie in mind. Both items are house-made, with the home-brewed Yippie Pie Ale alongside 8 local cask ales on tap rotation together with a selection of fifty international craft beers. The ales are served in a wood-dominated, airy, understated area. There are no preconceived notions of what a pie store ought to be and once you visit Pie & Ale, you will remain none the wiser.

Pie & Ale lies inconspicuously in the half-open arcade owned by The Hive. You may have a hard time locating Pie & Ale once you’ve had more than 3 pints. So, if you intend on visiting Pie & Ale, it might be a good idea to start your first pint there rather than your fourth. The generous incorporation of pavement tables at Pie & Ale offers alfresco opportunities.

As you make your way towards the bar through the main entrance, it seems as if you have accidentally wobbled into the kitchen and got the opportunity to get a sneak-peak of the meals being prepared for eligible diners. As far as first impressions go, the Pie & Ale restaurant offers quite a memorable one.

The sweet aroma of freshly-baked bread and steaming pies that have just come out of the oven with glistening pastry greet you at the door. It’s only the hip environment at Pie & Ale that prevents each customer from bursting into a chorus of “fooood…Oh, glorious foooood” as they walk in.…